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Making the Power Move from Amateur to Pro:
3-Session Master Class in Career Strategy

(The Descriptions Below Are Those of Voyage Media, Not The Screenwriting Expo)

"Can't get an agent without selling something; can't sell something without getting an agent..." Or can you?  Taught by the producers of Voyage Media, a company that has helped writers, producers, and directors polish and pitch over 1,100 high-profile entertainment projects, this course offers career-building strategies for a seemingly impermeable industry. 

  • Get ready to pitch and sell so you don’t blow it when your moment comes
  • Discover to the unspoken rules and “secret handshakes” straight from Hollywood insiders
  • Learn how to move out of the amateur pool and start working
It’s harder than ever to break in to entertainment in a real way, but those that do reap richer rewards than ever.  Sign up for Making the Power Move from Amateur to Pro now to find out how you can employ the right strategies to drive your career powerfully forward.   

Making the Power Move from Amateur to Pro offers Insider knowledge on the strategizing, selling, politicking, self-agenting, reputation-building, and other business skills you need to establish a paid, lasting career in the industry. 

Taught by the executives and producers of Voyage Media, a company that has helped writers, producers, and directors package, polish and pitch over 1,100 high-profile entertainment projects in film, TV, and branded entertainment, this series provides a fresh-from-the-field perspective on building a career in an exclusive, seemingly impermeable industry.  It teaches you how to:
  • Stop going it alone.  Choose supporters and delegate the way the pros do
  • Be your own agent – and use their best tricks to your advantage
  • Build a reputation that will get you hired again and again
  • Spot and avoid the common mistakes everyone seems to keep making
You’ll get frank and honest instruction – stuff you’ll never read in the trades or the how-to books – on creating strategy and selling your work from the course speakers including:

This series covers: 

Session I: Breaking in, Selling, and Building a Lasting Career
Sunday September 18, 9:00am-10:30am

Hosted by Voyage Media's Owner, Nat Mundel, with Producer Jesse Israel

Session II: “Self-Agenting”: Use their Strategies to Build Momentum
Sunday September 18, 11:00am-12:30pm

Hosted by Voyage Media's Owner, Nat Mundel, with Producer and former William Morris Agent Katy McCaffrey

Session III: Building a Name and Raising Your Profile To Get Noticed
Sunday September 18, 2:00pm-3:30pm

Hosted by Voyage Media's Owner, Nat Mundel, with Personal Marketing Expert Nance Rosen

Speaker Biographies:

Nat Mundel formed Voyage in 2002 to help filmmakers develop, market and sell their projects. Notable clients the company has served include Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, Universal Music Group, Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Anonymous Content, HBO, Paul McCartney, Jim Sheridan, Chris Levinson, Jason Blum, the Hughes Brothers, and many others. 

Jesse Israel is a feature film producer living in Los Angeles.  His upcoming projects include AARON & SARA, starring Emma Roberts and Josh Hutcherson and directed by Neil Patrick Harris.  Jesse also spent many years as an executive and Vice President at Alcon Entertainment, where he worked on movies such as THE BLIND SIDE, THE BOOK OF ELI, LOTTERY TICKET, and THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2. 

Katy McCaffrey has spent more than a decade working in many facets of the entertainment industry; from the agency desk to the producer's chair.  As the Vice President of Watson Pond Productions, she successfully developed and brought to air shows for both network and cable including Unhitched with the Farrelly Brothers for Fox, and Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire for Comedy Central. Before joining Watson Pond Productions, Katy was an Agent with the prestigious William Morris Agency. During her tenure, Katy was responsible for the sale of  Coach Carter to Paramount Features, Fly Boys to Steven Speilberg for HBO Miniseries.

Nance Rosen is a media commentator on CNBC, and has been named “America’s Top Job Coach”. Over 420 media outlets cover Nance on Personal Branding, Social Media, Business Communication and Success. She’s a former marketing executive with The Coca-Cola Company, the number one most recognized brand in the world and she founded a division for Bozell Advertising and Public Relations, now Omnicom. She delivers keynotes and training, and coaches clients on marketing themselves to media and other high visibility positions. Her latest book is The Ugly Truth About Your Reputation: How to Create and Manage Your Personal Brand.