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Testimonials and Prior Press Coverage

Testimonials From Prior Expo Registrants

"Most of the speakers I heard were awesome, inspiring, and challenged me to be a better writer. They knew their subjects well and told me things I needed to know."

"The speakers offered valuable information and were willing to listen to audience questions."

"As usual, my biggest problem was limiting my choices to only one session at a time, because of the great number of valuable sessions and excellent speakers."

"The speakers were the impassioned speakers who shared great insights about the nuts and bolts of screenwriting and then showed us how to UTILIZE those insights."

"The classes helped guide me in areas that I needed the most help. I'm glad I saw them before I pitched since it brought me so much confidence."

"I was very moved hearing my scenes read aloud and acted by actors--a first for me. I could clearly differentiate what worked and what didn't."

"All of these speakers were in love with their subject. They were enthusiastic, and made me excited about the subject of writing and working in the industry"

"William Goldman was wonderfully inspirational and honest."

"I only did pitches, but had a great experience. Three of the six companies I pitched to ended up requesting my script.

Testimonials from previous Expo Attendees

Testimonals from Expo 5 Attendees
Testimonals from Expo 4 Attendees
Testimonals from Expo 3 Attendees

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