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Legal Notices

Liability Waivers
By registering for and/or attending The 2011 Screenwriting Expo in any capacity (including, but not limited to registrant, speaker, exhibitor) you agree that Inside Information Group, Ltd., and the Screenwriting Expo are not liable for any personal injury, death, theft or other torts that may occur at The Screenwriting Expo.

Cancellation, Refund, and "Next Year" Policy:

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Pitch Meeting Disclaimer
The Screenwriting Expo secure agreements to appear from each producer prior to announcing the producer's commitment to the Pitch Meetings. Unfortunately, for any number of reasons, one or more producers may be unable to appear or may not arrive at their scheduled time. The Screenwriting Expo will have back-up producers available to hear pitches in the event that any executives are unable to meet their contractual obligation. In the event that a producer does not appear, a make-up pitch will be arranged with one of our back-up producers. Make-up pitches are available in lieu of refunds. The Screenwriting Expo cannot be responsible if a producer does not meet his or her contractual obligation.

Screenwriting Expo / Inside Information Group, Ltd. - Privacy Statement


Because this web site gathers information about the patrons of Promise Technologies, Inc., and, we feel you should have the opportunity to understand the terms and conditions surrounding the gathering and use of that information.

Information that Inside Information Group, Ltd. Gathers and Uses
We gather two types of information about users:

1) Data that you provide through optional, voluntary registration on several of our sites, and

2) aggregated tracking information obtained mainly by tallying page views throughout our sites. Such information enables us to better understand the demographics of our audience. Because Inside Information Group, Ltd. depends on properly marketing to an interested audience, such information if vital.

Under no circumstances does Inside Information Group, Ltd. provide this information to any other third parties under any circumstances except as follows:

1) If you select the subscription to Creative Screenwriting, all appropriate information for Creative Screenwriting is passed on to appropriate staff or to our subscription service bureau.

2) If you select to enter in any contests, the relevant information is passed on to the contest organizers. Inside Information Group, Ltd. has no control over any privacy policy any contest organizers may or may not have.

3) All registration information is available to government agencies upon proper court order. Such information may or may not then be re-classified as “Public Data” pursuant to law.

4) Information will be revealed to sponsors and convention organizers to the extent necessary to run any convention or expos. Inside Information Group, Ltd. has no control over any privacy policy any sponsor may or may not have.

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to Bill Donovan, Publisher,

Newsletters and Surveys

Occasionally, Inside Information Group, Ltd. may send you newsletters, surveys, or announcements. The newsletters and announcements are to let you know about upcoming events being sponsored by Inside Information Group, Ltd.. Such newsletters and announcements may contain advertising or other information from third parties. The Surveys are to let us serve you better. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE NEWSLETTERS, ANNOUNCEMENTS OR SURVEYS, please contact Inside Information Group, Ltd. at 6404 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 415, Los Angeles, CA 90028 in writing or at

Usage Tracking
Inside Infomation Group, Ltd. tracks usage pattern and this information is correlated with data about individual users. Overall usage statistics, according to a user's domain name, browser type and MIME type gotten by reading this information from the browser string (information contained in every user's browser), are also broken down. Inside Infomation Group, Ltd. also tracks and catalogs the search terms that customers enter into our search tools, but this tracking is never associated with individual users. Inside Infomation Group, Ltd. does not currently use any cookies.

Use of the Information
Inside Infomation Group, Ltd. uses any voluntary information we receive from our users to enhance their experience at our expos and conventions, and our web sites. 
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