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Speaker Agreement--Invited Speakers**
2011 Screenwriting Expo

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If you submitted proposals,  we have sent a confirming email.  

Invited** Speaker Benefits Quick Summary

Here is a quick summary of the honorarium and benefits to teaching speakers invited by Expo management*:
    – $3 per head for each paying registrant attending your sessions(s), using our count*.  This $3 is per session, not per teacher.  Multiple teachers of a session must split the payment.
The Expo will reimburse Speaker for actual parking expense up to $15 per day on days of Speaker sessions. The Westin Los Angeles Airport will have a group valet rate of $15/day (no overnight).
    – free pass to the entire Expo, classes, and evening receptions
    – free basic Expo registration for your designated assistant or teacher aide
    – use of speakers’ Green Room/lounge all day, each day of Expo
    – food and beverage benefits in Green Room (details to be worked out).
    – Promotional help to market your outside products and services, both during and after the Expo

Invited** Speaker Requirements Quick Summary:

Here is a quick summary of what you will be expected to provide:
    – A professional, relevant presentation
    – No commercialism or "informercializing"--strictly enforced--see below
    – Be on time.
    – No recording
    – Warranty that you own the work you present

The Formal Agreement:

This is an agreement between Speaker and Creative Screenwriting/The Screenwriting Expo (The Expo) under which Speaker agrees to present the sessions entered into the form on the prior page during the 2011 Screenwriting Expo, Sept. 15-18, 2011 at the Los Angeles Westin Los Angeles Airport.   

The Screenwriting Expo Agrees To Provide:

1.  Honorarium: 

The Expo agrees to pay Speaker (or Speakers collectively, not individually) three dollars ($3.00) per paying registrant (that is, exclusive of staff, volunteers, other speakers, and other guests of the Expo) in attendance at each session, using our count* as of the moments when our attendance-counting staff members/volunteers do their counts. 

2.  Complimentary Expo Registration; Pass for Speaker Assistant/Aide. 

Speaker will receive free registration to the Expo, free tickets to all speaking sessions, and free tickets to evening receptions.  If Speaker has an assistant or teacher aide, the assistant will receive a free basic Expo pass but must purchase tickets to sessions.

3.  Parking. 

The Expo will reimburse Speaker for actual parking expense up to $15 per day on days of Speaker sessions. The Westin Los Angeles Airport will have a group valet rate of $15/day (no overnight).

4. Green Room. 

Speaker will have access to the private Green Room, which is reserved for speakers, guests of honor, and a few special guests of management.  Guests of speakers will not be permitted in the Green Room unless cleared in advance with Expo management.   Beverage service and some food service (not yet determined) will be provided in the Green Room.

5. Promotional Benefits: On-Site, Web, And Email Blast Promotions For Books, Seminars, Classes, DVDs, Other Products.  

In addition to publicizing Speaker's name and credits in mass direct mailings, e-mailings, and web site advertising for the meeting, The Expo will provide to Speaker the following promotional activities for Speaker's non-Expo products and services:

    A.  The Expo will host for one year a web page at advertising Speaker's screenwriting-related skills, services, and products.  Speaker will provide the content of this page, which may link to other web site(s) at Speaker's discretion. 
    B.  The Expo will send no fewer than three email blasts to the entire Creative Screenwriting email blast list (currently in excess of 50,000 names) over the course of the year after the Expo, advertising the services and products of Screenwriting Expo Speakers collectively.  These blasts will direct recipients to the index page of Speaker services, which will link to Speaker's page.
    C. The Expo volunteers and ushers will place Speaker's print or other advertising materials in the room in which the Speaker gives each invited presentation.  Speaker must provide this literature to The Expo in advance at Speaker's expense.
    D. The Expo will also place Speaker's print or other advertising materials on a table or tables in a prominent location or locations in or near the main exhibit hall and lobby.  Only Speakers and other approved Expo advertisers (exhibitors, sponsors, program advertisers) will be allowed to place advertising materials on this table or these tables. 
    E. Speaker is entitled to the Exhibitor rate of $200 (one-third the full price) to place advertising materials in registrant tote bags.

Speaker Agrees To Provide:

1. Professional, Relevant Presentation. 

Speaker will provide a professional and educational presentation, relevant to movie and/or TV and/or New Media screenwriting or a related subject.

2. No Commercialism or "Infomercializing" In Sessions. 

Speaker understands that registrants have traveled to and paid registration and seminar fees to receive substantive teaching about screenwriting topics, and agree not to frustrate their attainment of that objective, or dilute it, with commercial messages for outside products and services during seminars.  Speaker agrees not to use scheduled classroom time to promote, sell, offer, or repeatedly refer to outside screenwriting products and services, or for other commercial purposes.

Exception: Speaker may make a single brief mention at the beginning and a single brief mention at the end of a presentation, no more than 30 seconds each, of such services, provide contact information, and call attention to written or other promotional materials, including order forms in designated locations at The Expo.  

3. Punctuality. 

Speaker will arrive promptly for each class and begin and end on time.  Question-and-answer sessions may extend beyond the scheduled deadline to the extent that they do not interfere with other events or other uses of the room.

4. No Recording. 

Audio or videotaping by or for Speaker will not be allowed. The Expo may take photographs/ videos for promotional purposes only; the Expo, at its discretion, may offer to some speakers an agreement  under which sessions would be videotaped and such speakers would be offered royalties for recordings sold. Speaker may opt in or out of any such agreement.

5. Warranty of ownership. 

Speaker warrants that Speaker is the sole owner and creator of all content in the seminar, or holds full and proper legal authorization to present such content in the seminar, or that such information and content is in the public domain, or that excerpts of others' work are "fair use."

6.  Materials Distribution In Designated On-Site Areas Only. 

Speaker will not be allowed to distribute materials outside the classroom except in designated areas.

7.  No Libel, Slander, Porn; Obey Expo Rules. 

Speaker agrees that all content in the seminar will not be libelous, slanderous, or be of adult content.  Speaker agrees to obey rules of conduct applicable to registrants and agrees not to disrupt sessions of other Speakers or other Expo events.

8. Notice; Information. 

Speaker agrees to immediately notify The Expo at or at a telephone number to be provided should any scheduling conflicts arise. Speaker agrees to provide a legitimate federal tax ID number to be paid.  Refusal to provide a tax ID is grounds for nonpayment.

Entire Agreement: California Law; Mediation/Arbitration. 

Speaker and the Expo agree that this is the entire agreement, that it is made under California law, and that disputes will be settled by mediation in Los Angeles, Calif., through the services of the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Mediation Service, or if such mediation fails, then in Los Angeles under the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

*Count Of Paid Registrants For Payment; "Invited Speakers" Defined:
Expo management will have two Expo staff members counting heads independently of each other at different times during each session.  The formal, official count for payment will be the average of their counts, minus 5% to deduct for those admitted free to sessions (staff, volunteers, other speakers, and speakers' assistants). 

The basis for this 5% figure is that about 8% to 10% of all persons admitted to sessions are staff, volunteers, other speakers, and other speakers' aides.  Since we cannot know exactly how many persons in your session are unpaid, we make this conservative 5% downward adjustment. 

We insist that speakers and speaker aides NOT speak to the counters.  Attempts to influence the counts will be regarded as interference. 

** Invited speakers are speakers who were subjected to the evaluation process by the Expo program management and were subsequently invited to provide teaching sessions.  These benefits do not apply to Guests of Honor, Sponsored Speakers, Interviewed Guests, or Panelists.  Invited Speakers are paid on the basis that they are expected to prepare and give an educational lesson.   
Contact information: