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2011 Screenwriting Expo
Cancellations/Refunds And “Next Year” Terms

Refunds For Registrations, Events,
Receptions, And Seminar Tickets
No Refunds For Golden Pitch Tickets
You May Sell Or Exchange Them On Site
Refund requests for Screenwriting Expo registrations, lunches, receptions, special events, and seminar tickets must be in writing (letter, fax, or email) to the addresses below or through the registration systemand must be postmarked or emailed by Midnight August 15, 2011

After Midnight August 15, 2011, registration, seminar, and special event payments are non-refundable for any reason, and the "Next Year" policy applies  You agree that you will not contact The Screenwriting Expo or its parent company to seek a refund from The Screenwriting Expo or its parent company after August 15, 2011, and that you will not dispute the charge or otherwise seek a credit card “chargeback.” 

All sales of Golden Pitch Tickets are final without exception when they are purchased, and are non-refundable for any reason including, but not limited to illness, personal events, acts of God, or travel related problems.  
You may sell or exchange pitch tickets with other registrants at the Expo.  The Expo is not a party to such transactions.

You agree that you will not contact The Screenwriting Expo or its parent company to seek a refund from The Screenwriting Expo or its parent company to seek a refund on pitch tickets and you will not dispute or otherwise seek a credit or debit card “chargeback.”

Registration Cancellation Assurance:
An Insurance-Like Policy For Late Cancellation Or Non-Attendance
$15 for Basic Pass Holders; $20 For Gold Pass Holders

As an additional protection for you and as an alternative to the "Next Year" Policy below, the Screenwriting Expo now offers Registration Cancellation Assurance, under which you may receive a full refund for all fees other than Golden Pitch Fest tickets for cancellation or non-attendance due to certain events.   If you are intersested in this protection, please see the terms, conditions, and limitations on this page

To take advantage of this additional protection, you must purchase this policy from the "Merchandise Page" of the registration form when registering.  The policy is not valid if you try to purchase it after registering.

If yuu take advantage of this policy, you will not also receive a 2012 pass under the "Next Year" policy.

“Next Year” Policy For Registration Cancellations After August 15:

You will be entitled to receive an equivalent registration for the 2012 Expo if you cancel after Midnight August 15 or if you fail to attend and then pay a $20 registration reprocessing fee when registering for the 2012 Expo.  The "Next Year" policy applies to the registration fee, to Pitch Boot Camp tickets, and to $5 seminar tickets.  

The "Next Year" policy does not apply to Golden Pitch Fest tickets (which are non-refundable under any circumstance for any reason) or to tickets to receptions, for which we must order food in advance.

The "Next Year" policy applies to all late cancellations or no-shows who do not purchase Registration Cancellation Assurance.  

Pitch Boot Camp Cancellation And Refund Policy
Pitch Boot Camp is a separate event run in cooperation with the Screenwriting Expo.  Cancellations for Pitch Boot Camp will be accepted through August 15, 2011, and you may swap tickets with anyone on site.  Missed session: If you miss your sheduled 2011 Pitch Boot Camp session, your ticket does not guarantee you a seat in a later session, but it will be accepted in a later 2011 session if there is room. No refunds are issued if you missed your session and there is no room in a later session.

I agre to the terms above

How To Cancel A Screenwriting Expo Registration
In order to cancel, you must cancel in writing (email, fax, or letter) to:
mail:                 Customer Service
                        Creative Screenwriting
                        6404 Hollywood Blvd Suite 415,
                        Los Angeles CA 90028
fax:                  (323) 957-1406

Phone cancellations are not accepted.  Do not attempt to cancel by phone.    

Contact information: