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The 2011 Expo Screenplay Competition

Semifinalists By Category And Honorable Mention


title   writers   category/genre (juge's opinion--writer may ask for a change in this listing)


Feature Semifinalists  

The Pines   Malibo Jackk   Horror Genre or Horror-Comedy

Slavery By Another Name
  Jeanne Veillette Bowerman & Douglas A. Blackmon   Drama Genre; Other Genre: period piece

Nunchucks   Nick Latrenta   Comedy--Other Than Romcom

Last Ride to Missouri   Patricia Ecklund-Ruch   Drama Genre

Haber   Daniel Ragussis   Drama Genre

Telepatrol   Jack Messitt   Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Ruthless   Calvin Starnes   Action-Adventure Genre

If I Were Forty Years Younger   Jerome Artyst   Romantic Comedy Genre

What Would Meg Ryan Do?
  Mary Krell-Oishi   Romantic Comedy Genre; Divorcee Love Dilemma

Elementary   Jeff Hower   Romantic Comedy Genre

What Happens in Laughlin   Christopher John Fetherolf & Brian Holm   Horror Genre or Horror-Comedy; Romantic Comedy Genre

The Devil on His Tail   Steve Warren   Drama Genre

Grave Misgivings   Michael Sibay & Glen Cote   Thriller Genre

The Rock Thrower   Ted Farnath   Comedy--Other Than Romcom

Betrayals   Steve Lipkin   Drama Genre

Tesdla and Edison
  John Muscarnero
  Drama Genre

Life After   JM Arzt   Drama Genre

The Kill Zone   Hector Troy   Action-Adventure Genre

Heaven Have Mercy   Nick Cherneff   Drama Genre

Uphill Man
  Ned Miller
  Drama Genre

Gravity   Andrew Noble
  Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Flat Pennies   Robert Ward   Drama Genre

Big Bad Wolfe   George Nicholis   Thriller Genre

The Voyeur
  John Bengel   Thriller Genre; Hitchcockian-Ethical-Anti-War-Romance Thriller

Popsicle Sticks   Michael H. Skopes   Drama Genre; Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Probable Cause   Shane McCabe   Action-Adventure Genre; Drama Genre

Rajini   Alberto Portillo   Drama Genre

Strum and Wail   Robert Piluso   Romantic Comedy Genre

Sedcret Asian Man
  Mary Krell-Oishi   Romantic Comedy Genre; RomCom; Among; Spies

The Gardner Heist   John Warren   Thriller Genre; Action-Adventure Genre

The River   Matthew Edward Fox   Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Misery Rains   David Peeling   Horror Genre or Horror-Comedy; Thriller Genre

Second Earth   Victor Grippi   Thriller Genre; Sci-Fi or Fantasy; Romance

The Cinq Hole   Kim M. Brantley   Sci-Fi or Fantasy

THIRD   Sean McKee   Horror Genre or Horror-Comedy; Thriller Genre

The Agreement   Terri Hamran   Drama Genre; Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Grime   David M. Downey   Horror Genre or Horror-Comedy

For Every Action   Matt Flores   Action-Adventure Genre

The Hollow
  William H. Simmons   Horror Genre or Horror-Comedy

Eight Weeks
  David R. Michaels   Drama Genre; Billionaire-Dying-of-Cancer; Drama

Intertwined: The Mad Hat Maker   Eric White   Action-Adventure Genre; Sci-Fi or Fantasy; Possible; Animated

Going Dutch   Michelle Maryk   Comedy--Other Than Romcom

Welcome Sinners   Doug Spearman   Drama Genre; Romantic Comedy Genre

Death Wind   Travis Heermann and Jim Pinto   Thriller Genre; Drama Genre

Daddy's Not So Little Girl   Kelley Qualls   Romantic Comedy Genre; Comedy--Other Than Romcom

The Wedding Belles - NY   Maureen Johnson   Romantic Comedy Genre

Unsolicited   Matt Donahue   Thriller Genre

The Franchise   James Grayford   Comedy--Other Than Romcom; Christmas; Family Comedy

Willie   Ji-Tu Cumbaka   Horror Genre or Horror-Comedy

The Amazing Martin Greenbaum   Jeffrey Pfeiffer   Comedy--Other Than Romcom

Cats Are From Mars   Dennis Luu   Other Genre: Dramedy

She Should No Better   Chris Spain, Wendy Corsi Staub, Mark J. Staub   Romantic Comedy Genre

Canaries   Craig Cambria   Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Fists of Steele   Adam LeHouillier   Comedy--Other Than Romcom

Suzanne's Prize for Best Love Story

Suzanne's Prize for Best Love Story regardless of genre is a management-optional prize.
It is awarded to a script which, in management's view, sufficiently meets the description and quality sought for this prize


Genre Prize Semifinalists  

The Genre Prize winners will be selected according to highest scores in the final judging.  The four genre prizes will be
the four highet-scoring scripts of different genres which do not win the Grand Prize, the LOL Comedy Prize, or Suzanne's Prize.

TV-One Hour Semifinalists  

The Good Wife: His Body Politic   Jill Weinberger   TV--Hour-Long

Strictly In House
  Jonathan Berry Rojas   TV--Hour-Long

The Walking Dead "Sins of the Father"   Chris Bowen   TV--Hour-Long

Garden of Eden   Michael Montgomery   TV--Hour-Long

Men Of A Certain Age "I Feel Like Having Me Some Ribs"   Dan Shea   TV--Hour-Long

Searcher   Jennifer Hahn   TV--Hour-Long; Sci-Fi or Fantasy;

Monk: Sour Grapes   Melanie J. Grimes   TV--Hour-Long

Residue   Philip Michael Howe   TV--Hour-Long

Dexter: Rita's Requiem   Dennis Luu   TV--Hour-Long


TV--Half-Hour Semifinalists  

The Big Bang Theory: The Altered Cooper Extraction   Judi Guizado   TV--Half-Hour

Modery Family:: "Electile Dysfunction"   Amanda C. Parham   TV--Half-Hour

Jack Mormon
  Marcellus Von Lent

The Hard Times of RJ Berger: "Girlfriend in a Coma"ma"   Jenna Ryan   TV--Half-Hour


Laughing Out Loud (Comedy) Semifinalists  

The Laughing Out Loud Comedy Prize will be awarded to the highest-scoring comedy script which does not win the Grand Prize or Suzanne's Prize.

Reality TV Semifinalists  

Hooked Up   Michelle Gallo   Reality TV

New Sealand   Sundae Jahant-Osborn   Reality TV

Reworking America   Celia M. Taylor   Reality TV

House of Babel   Steve Alten   Reality TV


Short Screenplay Semifinalists  

Mean Creek   Dan Goforth   Short Script

LLov eLooks Not
  R.A.Lucas   Short Script

Samantha's Thief   David C.C. Erickson   Short Script

Copenhagen   Tyler Kent   Short Script

Bury 'Em Deep   Stephen L. Stafford   Short Script


Honorable Mention (All Categories and Genresenres) 
title   writers   category/genre (judge's opinion--writer may ask for a change)

Rebirth   Jeannette Manning, Joseph Yuan   Thriller Genre; Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Ripples of Illusion   Gorby Shih   Thriller Genre; Action-Adventure Genre
Olympian   Tamsyn Harker & Esther King   Action-Adventure Genre; Drama Genre
Escaping Bushwick   Javier Ortiz   Drama Genre

Pinocchio, The Wooden Boy Soldier   Samuel Bartlett   Action-Adventure Genre; Animated

Getting  Over Goshen   Dennis Wilson   Drama Genre

Pistols at Dawn   Gavin Carlton   Romantic Comedy Genre

Field of Terror   Hector Salinas   Thriller Genre

The Knights of Barn Castle   Tom Higgins   Drama Genre; Other Genre: Historical

Prey   Mike Murphy   Thriller Genre; Drama Genre

Blood Brothers   William Blake   Drama Genre

Barefoot Mel   David Van Hooser   Thriller Genre; Drama Genre

Tasupi   Laverne G. Stringer   Drama Genre

The Devil's Cradle   Naomi Lamont   Thriller Genre; Drama Genre

Moonchild   Stacy W. Arnold-Strider   Drama Genre; Romantic Comedy Genre; Suzanne's
Dead After Tomorrow   Benjamin Pollack   Thriller Genre

O Golden Boy   John Bain   Drama Genre

Underground   Richard Hobley   Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Hearts In The Wind
  Robert E. Williams   Drama Genre Comedy--Other Than Romcom
Dadi   David Andrew Stoler   Drama Genre; Short Script

Day of the Demon   Michael R. Steel   Horror Genre or Horror-Comedy

Crossing Borders   April Adams   Thriller Genre

The Critical Zone   Desmond Ovbiagele   Drama Genre

The Blvd.   Ryan Chong   Action-Adventure Genre; Drama Genre
Two Out Lightning   Matthew A. Zajac   Drama Genre

3D At The Palace   Kent Wilson   Drama Genre; Coming-of-age

Over The Road
  Trevor Maxim   Comedy--Other Than Romcom

Fury   Houston Howard   Drama Genre

Beast   Conor Duffy   Horror Genre or Horror-Comedy

The Mother Hood   Shawn Shao-Wen Chou   Comedy--Other Than Romcom

Playing For Home   Kathy Pyatt and Larry Melton   Drama Genre

The Force of Gravity   Brian Forrester   Drama Genre; Other Genre: Period piece
McAllen PD   Dennis Luu   TV--Hour-Long

Cancer   Aaron Stephens   Horror Genre or Horror-Comedy; Thriller Genre
Walking in the Sand   Curt Lambert   Other Genre: Crime

The Binary Man   Jonathan Hawtrey Clark   Action-Adventure Genre

What You Can See With the Naked Eye   David C.C. Erickson   Short Script

Two Girls One Cop   Kat Hess and Megan Yoon   Comedy--Other Than Romcom

Children of the Soul   Jeffrey Kraynack   Thriller Genre

Biometric   Tony Martin   Action-Adventure Genre; Sci-Fi or Fantasy
Slick   Rodger Cove   Drama Genre; Other Genre: Noir

To A Dancing God
  Robert S. Horvath   Action-Adventure Genre; Drama Genre; Native-American Reconciliation
Bug Hunt   Cynthia Keaton   Horror Genre or Horror-Comedy

The Woman's Voice
  Mickey Coburn   Drama Genre; Half-Blind July-October Romance
Lucy Goes Ballistic   Charlie Lyons   Thriller Genre Comedy--Other Than Romcom
Who Shot Hinkus
  Alicia Thorgrimsson   Thriller Genre; Autistic Brother Saves Con-Artist Brother
Appointment in Jerusalem   Brent Whiteside, Derrick Ferguson and Jonathan Cook   Drama Genre; Other Genre: Biography

Where We Are From   David Andrew Stoler   Drama Genre

The Unwanted Houseguest   Rachel Lieberman   Short Script

Cube Farm   Rob Edd Williams   Romantic Comedy Genre; Animated; Animated
He's No Pimp-Daddy   Dean Rocissono   Romantic Comedy Genre

Extortion   Andrew Moynihan   Drama Genre

  Other Genre: Dramedy

Hating Richfield   Nick Carlisle   Romantic Comedy Genre; Short Script

Boy Apocalypse   Eric Obame   Drama Genre; Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Flapjack   Val Blakely   Short Script

Without A'Net   Geoffrey C. Parks   Romantic Comedy Genre

The Fenian Rescue   Karen Mallia   Drama Genre

Double   Alan Barkley   Other Genre: thriller/drama

Breaking Bad - "It Works If You Work It"   Eva Taylor   TV--Hour-Long

Me, David and Goliath   Kay Tayo   Romantic Comedy Genre; Comedy--Other Than Romcom
The Last Roman   Anthony C. Norman   Action-Adventure Genre; Drama Genre; Roman; Empire; Historical
The Last Martyr   Brad Novak   Drama Genre

Cry For Vengeance
  Ward Ferguson   Thriller Genre; Drama Genre

Fishkill   Lisa S. Davis   Drama Genre

Conduct Unbecoming   J. E. Wright   Drama Genre; Other Genre: crime

The Chines Disco
  John F. Harris   Comedy--Other Than Romcom

94 Maidens   Rhonda Fink-Whitman   Drama Genre

The Virus  
  Comedy--Other Than Romcom

ARide Into Darkness
  Michael Farley   Short Script

Blood Law   Steven Mondelli   Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Conceived in Battle   Hector Salinas   Thriller Genre; Action-Adventure Genre
California Road   Jan Militello   Short Script

The 9th Wheel   Ross Carey and Evan Shaw   Comedy--Other Than Romcom

The Expo Screenplay Competition is one of the industry's most prestigious screenplay contests.  Since its inception, it has offered some of the biggest cash prizes of any screenplay competition in the world.  The Grand Prize includes $20,000 plus a publicity campaign and multiple forms of access to the industry.  In all, the contest offers more than $33,000 in cash prizes.

Cash Prizes Are Great ... But  Cash + Access = Better
However, the cash prizes have always been merely part -- and, we believe, the lesser part -- of the prizes and benefits this contest offers  From its inception, this  contest has focused on giving its winners publicity, visibility, and prominence. We call these services the ACCESS PRIZES.  The strongest focus of ths contest is on access to  the industry --  getting winners' and seminalists' names and scripts past the gatekeepers to the movers and shakers who turn scripts  into movies and TV shows.    The multiple kinds of access and attention include:

  • We started the tradition of sending winning scripts to producers, agents, and managers.  The Expo Screenplay Competition and its fellow contest, the AAA Screenplay Contest, share and send scripts to an exclusive list of 300 producers, agents, and managers who have asked to see  winners.
  • In 2010, we created a new system to provide winning and semifinalist scripts on line for producers, agents, and managers.  We combine this list with repeated notices and tantalizing letters and "teaser" ads sent by mail and email to more than 800 executives who can now log in and see wiinners online.
  • Free entry to pitch scripts in the Golden Pitch Fest at the Screenwriting Expo.  Winners' chances are strongly enhanced by the timing: winners are announced at the Screenwriting Expo the evening before the Golden Pitch opens -- so, as a winner, when you enter the pitch fest, you do so as the newest major screenwriting contest winners on the block.
  • Publicity, through multiple outlets: an article in Creative Screenwriting Magazine, an article to the Creative Screenwriting email blast list (100,000+ names), press releases to the industry, and posting at the Screenwriting Expo web site.     

To see the full official set of prizes, go to the Official Prize List page.   To see more details on the Access to The Industry prizes, see the Access Prizes page.  Click here to enter on line or here to download the form to mail in an entry.

See deadlines and fees below.

Quick Summary Of Prizes
(See The Official Prize List Page for the full list)

  • Grand Prize: $20,000 Cash, Access Prizes, Publicity,  Creative Screenwriting winner profile, Screenwriting Expo registration and travel, and more.
  • Each of four Genre Prize winners receives $2,500 Cash Plus Access, Publicity, Screenwriting Expo registration, and more
  • Suzanne's Prize Winner for Best Love Story receives $2,000, Expo registration, publicity, and more 
  • Two Television script winners receive $1,000 each 
  • A new Comedy category prize of $1,000 is offered. 
  • A new $500 Reality TV prize is offered
  • Best short script receives a $500 prize
  • Semifinalists receive non-cash prizes. 
  • All winners' scripts and loglines disseminated to the industry.
  • Sponsor prizes, including classes and benefits at ScreenwritingU.  

Winner Announcements:
  • Semifinalists To Be Announced Aug. 25, 2011, evening
  • Top 20 Finalists to Be Announced:  Aug. 27, evening
  • Winners To Be Notified:  Aug. 31, evening; Announced At the Screenwriting Expo

Contact information:
or see this contact page: